Keep Distractions To A Minimum

If you’re like the typical online marketer, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself distracted from what you were planning to work on. I know I have. It is so easy, because as online marketers, you are constantly bombarded with new product offerings from other online marketers.

The longer you’re in the internet marketing space, the more products you bought, resulting in you being added to one or more email lists. Then, they start emailing you, in addition to everyone else that has been sending you email.

Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

And, what all of those emails have in them is offers for the latest and greatest products to hit the market. You do your best to limit what you look at and purchase. But, eventually you wind up buying something that catches your attention. Well, now that you’ve bought it, you need to try it or at least check it out.

That’s all well and fine, except, what about the project you were planning on working on when you sat down at your computer today? That’s right, after going through all the messages you recently received, then checking your Facebook and maybe your other social media accounts, an hour has gone by.

Now, on top of that, you start checking out the new product you just bought, either to start the training and start building something or just to see what the basis of the product and training are. The next thing you know, another hour or two or three have gone by. You may or may not have actually finished creating something new with the product, or you got stuck and aren’t sure what to do next. You decide to set it aside for now and focus on the project that you planned on working on in the first place. That is, if you still have any time to work on it.

I’m As Guilty As Anyone

I know the routine firsthand, because it happens to me all the time. I read on someone else’s Blog recently about how this happens to them all the time. She even had a phrase to describe it. To paraphrase, she said something like, “I live in shiny object land.” I had to chuckle when I read that, because it hits so close to home. I am the worst at it.

You Want To Constantly Refocus On What’s Important

Of course, in this context, I’m talking about what’s important in your online business. Obviously, you have other priorities, such as your family, work and other responsibilities. But, what I’m talking about is focusing on the path, training and tasks that you previously decided was the direction that would get you where you want to go.

You want to acknowledge to yourself, that the shiny objects and other distractions are real. The next step is to make the decision that you aren’t going to let the distractions take up so much of your time. Sure, it can be fun and exciting to chase after the promises of the latest products that just came out. And, once in a while you will come across something that will genuinely help you in your business, either now or in the future. Don’t beat yourself up about that.

Final Thoughts

Just remember to always try to keep yourself in check. Open the project or the training that you promised yourself you would, and just get started…again. I know, because that’s exactly where I was before I started writing this post. I picked up a couple programs recently that I know will benefit me now and in the future. Of course, the next thing you know, I’m creating a new project. One that is related to efforts I made in the past, that didn’t work like they said it would when I bought it. Oh, and that can also get very expensive too.

Get a clear picture of what you want to accomplish and what you need to do to get there. Then stick to it. If you don’t know what your next step should be, I have a couple of great suggestions that will put you on the right path. I am involved with both of these programs and I could recommend them more highly.

The first one is John Thornhill’s Product Creation Workshop. This Blog is a result of following his training. Which means you could have something similar if you decided to follow his training.

The other training that I would highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. I created a short video there where you’ll be able to get access to two free websites and the tremendous training they offer.

That’s it for today…

Until next time,


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    • Selma Mariudottir

      Hi Greg,

      Great tips here. It’s way too easy to get distracted and lose motivation.

      Enjoy the journey!

      • Greg Hoyt


        I imagine everyone in the online marketing space has to deal with it in an ongoing basis. Thank you for your comment.


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