Welcome to Greg Hoyt Online. It’s a Blog that I created to document my online journey towards living life on my terms, and helping others do the same.

My Story

After I graduated from college, I took a job as the Contoller at a real estate development company. While there, after about 12 years, I became a partner in a homebuilding company with my boss and his son. We built homes for the next 15 years.

We prospered in this venture for a long time. Then the housing crisis hit in 2008 and our reality changed. After some necessary changes to our programs, we were able to continue building homes, but it was at a much slower and less profitable pace. Our incomes were reduced substantially and we were basically treading water trying to survive the down turn. Ultimately, in 2013, our lender refused to renew our line of credit, which effectively put us out of business.

At this point, I was basically unemployed. I had acquired my real estate brokers license while building homes and tried to make it as a full time agent. That proved more difficult than I had anticipated. You see, I got my real estate license when we were building houses and sold the homes as the selling broker. But, the difference there was that realtors and clients were coming to me to buy our homes, when we were building. As a full time agent, you need to have networking skills that I had never pursued. Needless to say, I didn’t do well.

During this time, I came across a book about creating an online income. I statrted looking online for ways to generate an income online. I came across a site that looked promising, so I joined. You can see it Here. I am still a member there and I think it is one of the best places to get started and beyond in online marketing. Plus, you can start for free.

There have been many ups and downs in my online journey. I was buying program after program trying to find something that actually worked. I finally decidied to join a 12 month, step by step, workshop that John Thornhill created called Partnership to Success. I am currently working my way through the training, I feel that in addition to the program I mentioned above, which complimetns John’s program perfectly, that I have found “THE” system that will help me reach my online goals.

I Want To Help People

It has taken me several years to get to this point. I wound up getting a few other jobs during that time to pay the bills. So, there were long stretches, where after much frustartion in the online world, I just put it on the back burner, and would pick it up from time to time.

I was so frustrated, because I had been spending so much money on programs aand systems that promised the world, but either didn’t deliver or were too difficult for me to understand. I finally got to the point where I knew that I needed to find a coach, a mentor.

That’s when I finally decided to join John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success. John is what they call a “Super Affiliate”. He’s been in the business since 1999. He is what everyone else in online marketing aspires to be. He went through the frustrations just like I did. Plus, he did it when the tools that were available were much harder to work with.

Once inside his workshop, I was immediately welcomed by John and others who are going through the workshop. The step by step training is easy to follow. It’s amazing how quickly things start to come together by going through his training. In fact, this Blog was created by following the training in his workshop. And, you can do the same.

The goal of my Blog

The goal of this website “Blog” is to share what I learn with you. To help you bypass all of the “noise” out there in the online marketing space and to guide you on your journey towards a successful online income and lifestyle.

Follow my Blog regularly and you will get information and insights that will help you avoid the frustrations of online marketing, showing you a path to your own online success.

All the best,

Greg Hoyt